D3 K1 K2

  • Can improve your muscle and brain function with vitamin D3, K1 and K2
  • Synergistic vitamins for improved skin health and structure
  • Can stimulate your calcium metabolism
  • 290 capsules - enough for 3 months

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Frau die erschöpft ist

When does it make sense to resort to vitamin D3, K1 and K2?

If you …

- You are hardly exposed to sunlight (especially important in the dark season)

- Suffer from chronic inflammatory bowel disease

- You follow a restrictive diet, for example, vegan, vegetarian or rely on a one-sided diet

Then you should definitely use vitamins D3, K1 and K2. I’ll tell you why below…

Highly effective – especially for your bone health

A symbiosis from which the three most important vitamins can ensure your bone health.

Vitamin D3, K1 and K2 in particular stimulate calcium metabolism so that your bones can be supplied with sufficient minerals. This can improve your bone health.

Benefit from vitamin D3, K2 and K1 in the long term

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Vitamin D3

Just the thing for your muscle function and skin health.

The combination of vitamin D3 with vitamins K1 and K2 may seem unusual at first glance. In fact, this trio can be an effective support for your muscle function. To give you a better insight into the potency of the three substances, here are the benefits:

Benefits of the synergy effect.

Promote your muscle strength: Vitamin D3 is not only important for bones, it also plays a crucial role in muscle contraction and function. Adequate D3 levels can help you increase muscle strength and performance.

Optimize your calcium distribution: Vitamins K1 and K2 support the body in using calcium effectively. While vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption, K1 and K2 ensure that this calcium is optimally distributed not only in the bones but also in the muscles. Which can be essential for proper muscle function.

Muscle Cramp Prevention: A balance of these vitamins can help you prevent unwanted muscle cramps. Because the substances optimize and promote calcium distribution.

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