Ferroplant + Acerola Extract

  • Curry leaf extract (Ferroplant) – can regulate cholesterol levels when taken regularly
  • Acerola fruit is one of the foods richest in vitamin C - just a small piece of this fruit can cover your daily vitamin C requirement
  • Due to its antioxidant properties, acerola extract is essential for skin care - it can improve your skin's appearance
  • Help improve digestion by taking curry leaf extract
  • 290 capsules – enough for 3 months

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Unsure whether Ferroplant and Acerola Extract is the right supplement for you?

The following questions will help you to get a precise overview of whether ferrous plant and acerola extract can support your health.

If you...

- Are diabetic: Some studies have shown that curry leaf extract can help stabilize blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity.

- Suffering from digestive problems: Curry leaves can help relieve digestive problems as they boost digestive enzymes and thus help relieve diarrhea, constipation and other digestive problems.

- Want to boost your immune system: Curry leaves have antioxidant properties that help boost your immune system and prevent disease.

Ferroplant combined with acerola extract is a micronutrient bomb that your body needs.

While Ferroplant provides your body with the essential mineral such as iron, which is instrumental in the formation of red blood cells, acerola provides you with a powerful boost of vitamin C.

This powerful duo not only promotes better iron absorption of micronutrients, but also strengthens your immune system and increases your vitality. The natural acerola extract also has antioxidant properties and protects your cells from harmful influences.

Boost your system.

Strengthen your immune system with the vitamin bomb acerola cherry and iron-strong curry leaf extract Ferroplant.

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Why should you use curry leaf extract?

Your body often faces major challenges – be it due to stress, inadequate nutrition or environmental factors. In such moments, nature can be a valuable help to you.

The curry leaf extract Ferroplant in particular is known for its high iron content.
Without sufficient iron intake, symptoms such as unexplained exhaustion and tiredness can become a burden for you. That's why you should always take iron daily to get through the day with more energy and vitality.

The fruit with the highest natural content of vitamin C - acerola extract.

Acerola extract, obtained from the acerola cherry, is a real natural vitamin C booster.

Vitamin C not only supports your immune system, but also collagen formation for healthy skin, cartilage and teeth.

In addition, vitamin C protects your cells from oxidative stress. Especially when it comes to building up resistance to viruses and bacteria, vitamin C is an ideal tool.

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