Vitamin B12 + Intrinsic Factor (IF)

  • Optimized nutrient absorption: The combination with IF maximizes the bioavailability and therefore the effectiveness of vitamin B12 in the body
  • Optimal absorption: The intrinsic factor enables the efficient absorption of vitamin B12 in the small intestine
  • Homocysteine ​​Regulation: Vitamin B12 helps break down homocysteine ​​(sulfur-containing amino acid) in the blood, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Optimized nutrient absorption: The combination with IF increases the bioavailability and thus the effectiveness of vitamin B12 in the body
  • 290 capsules - enough for 3 months

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A vitamin B12 deficiency can have serious consequences.

Symptoms such as fatigue and lack of motivation are the possible consequences of a vitamin B12 deficiency.

These include, among others:

Poor concentration, memory problems, confusion, irritability and even depression, dementia and psychosis. In children, brain development may be impaired.

In order to skillfully counteract a deficiency, you should permanently fill your vitamin B12 household sufficiently.

A daily ration of vitamin B12 spares you unpleasant symptoms.

Compactly packaged and highly dosed, you get a ration of vitamin B12 in ordinary capsule form for a whole month. Thanks to the high quality, you can cover your daily vitamin B12 requirements.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you should definitely give me your attention now.

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal products, which is why vegetarians and vegans are at increased risk of deficiency and should use B12-fortified foods or dietary supplements.
Adequate B12 levels can be crucial to your overall health and well-being.

When should you use vitamin B12 + intrinsic factor (IF)?

Vitamin B12 is essential for a variety of bodily functions, including red blood cell production, nervous system support and DNA synthesis. However, not everyone is able to efficiently absorb vitamin B12 from food or from ordinary dietary supplements.

The intrinsic factor (IF) significantly facilitates the absorption of vitamin B12. Without intrinsic factor, your body would simply reject vitamin B12 to a large extent.

Your advantage of the synergy effect between vitamin B12 and intrinsic factor.

Your body is unable to efficiently absorb vitamin B12 from food alone. Intrinsic factor, a protein produced by cells in the stomach, binds to vitamin B12, allowing it to be absorbed in the small intestine.

Thanks to the synergistic effect between vitamin B12 and IF, the body can absorb enough vitamin B12 to prevent deficiency symptoms and associated health problems.

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