The GenoLine Immune Liquid Check gives you information about the effectiveness of your immune system

GenoLine Immune Liquid Check gives you information about the effectiveness of your immune system - for a vital and resilient immune system!

Sometimes it's almost crazy in the wet and cold season: Weren't you just over the last cold? Doesn't the smell of countless cups of chamomile tea still hang in the air - and the supply of tissues is barely replenished?

But yet again A flu-like infection is on the horizon, accompanied by the well-known annoying symptoms: the voice is hoarse, the throat is raw, difficulty swallowing makes every glass of water difficult, the sinuses are overflowing and fatigue, chills and headaches and body aches make it torture to go to work - and to cope with everyday family life.

If you are the father or mother of a small child, you will only be able to nod tiredly when reading these lines: while adults are usually affected by infections (popularly known as colds) on average 2-4 times a year, children are not affected at all It is rare that they get sick up to 8 times; Approximately 15% of children are plagued by coughs and colds twelve times a year (see British Medical Bulletin 2002: Acute upper airway infections). It is not uncommon for these symptoms to escalate into painful tonsillitis or middle ear infections due to additional bacterial infections, which are now easy to handle.

The autumn and winter season 2021/22 represents the families affected by the pandemic once again face special challenges: while many children were hardly exposed to cold viruses last winter due to closed kindergartens and schools, with which their immune system could have been 'trained', doctors are reporting massive catch-up effects this autumn; especially this Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is currently increasingly affecting our little ones.

But this also shows what the human immune system is capable of in 'normal times': if it is constantly challenged, it is strengthened! Flu infections therefore do not pose a real threat to an intact health system and in the vast majority of cases they heal without treatment.

However, it is problematic if antibiotics are used too quickly, as they do not work at all against the usual causes of colds - namely viruses. However, if the weakened organism also catches a bacterial infection, there is usually no alternative to antibiotics.

However, the use of these antibacterial substances must always be carefully considered, as we now better understand their potentially harmful effects on our intestinal flora (microbiome).

This is made up of trillions of bacteria from more than 1,000 families; If some are killed by antibiotics, an imbalance can arise in the microbiome, which in turn is suspected to be the cause of various illnesses and a weak immune system. A vicious circle is looming! So what can I do?

Even though we can hardly completely avoid the numerous cold viruses that wreak havoc, especially in the dark and cold season (and we don't have to), we should still support our organism in building a vital and resilient immune system.

  1. Find out what you or your child is missing - and close the gaps in the immune system!

Our GenoLine Immune Liquid Check gives you information about the current status of your micronutrient balance. For example, are you getting enough zinc? Or what about your vitamin D level?

We reliably detect which vitamins, minerals and trace elements you or your loved ones are deficient in so that you can provide targeted relief.

  1. Make it as difficult as possible for germs to enter your body!

Many cold viruses find their way into our body by sooner or later getting into the mouth via our hands. Careful hand hygiene is therefore essential. But the oral cavity, as the entry point for many pathogens, also deserves our special protection: The Omnibiotic iMMund lozenge contains the useful bacterium Streptococcus salivarius K12, which displaces germs and sustainably strengthens the mucous membranes in the mouth, nose and throat area. With just one lozenge a day before bed, you or your loved ones can fight colds before they even start!

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Support your immune system by eating healthy, getting enough sleep and getting some fresh air. Endurance sports such as cycling, swimming or jogging have been proven to have a positive effect on your immune system - and contrast showers or sauna sessions can also contribute to robust health...

There are many other useful tips and suggestions waiting for you in our guide that can help you embark on a sustainable, healthy path - for you and your child!

Do you have any questions? Please contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to answer your questions!
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