Gesundheitscheck für das Pferd

Alle, die ihr Leben mit Pferden teilen und mit ihnen zusammenarbeiten, kennen sowohl die Kraft als auch die Herzlichkeit, mit welcher sich diese Tiere im Raum zu präsentieren wissen. Doch wie gehst Du am besten vor, wenn Deinem Pferd diese Kraft fehlt? Ohne sofort ein kostspieliges Treffen mit dem Tierarzt zu arrangieren, kannst Du auch mit den Gesundheitschecks für Pferde von zu Hause aus testen und herausfinden, was Deinem Liebling fehlt. Mit unserem Sortiment an bequemen und stressfreien Liquid-Gesundheitschecks für Pferde erzielst Du schnelle und präzise Ergebnisse, die Deinem Pferd zu mehr Wohlbefinden verhelfen.

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Horse health check – our products

Not every situation is the same, and this is especially true for horses. That's why you can use our wide range of health checks to check your horse for a variety of deficits and trust the highest standards. Precision and reliability are particularly important when it comes to health checks for your horse. Our tests thus provide information about the condition of your animal. Our tests for the health check for horses at a glance:

  • Feed check horse : With this health check you check your horse for intolerance to almost 400 feed ingredients. Since nutrition plays a key role, you can use this liquid test to identify or rule out stress at an early stage and provide your horse with the best possible care.
  • Allergy test horse : You can test your horse for 200 different substances with this test and see if he may have developed an allergy. Thanks to the clear instructions and test results in 2 weeks, you can quickly identify and treat possible causes.
  • Feed Additive Check Horse : Additives in feed can also contribute to discomfort. If you have any suspicions, use this test to check your horse for more than 25 of the most common substances and you will quickly and conveniently receive the results and the evaluation by e-mail within 2 weeks.
  • Micronutrient check horse : With this test you also have precise results available by email within 2 weeks to provide clarity about the condition of your horse. Here, too, the tabular overview supports you with correct recommendations.

Safe use of our horse health checks

Because visiting the vet can be stressful, we offer horse health checks that are easy and convenient to do at home. Our saliva tests for horses contain everything you need to implement them cleanly and properly. You and your horse have the bonus that everything takes place in a familiar, safe environment, together with the horse's favorite person.

With the detailed instructions you can create the sample safely and stress-free. As soon as you have this, you close it in the enclosed return case and send the saliva test of your horse to our laboratory. The results of the health check for your horse are clearly explained and presented clearly.

Quick results & quick certainty - health check
for the horse

Fast and precise results are particularly important in the health check for horses. Since the well-being of your animal is also important to us and we want to give you clear certainty, our service is designed in such a way that you receive everything you need to know within a short time.

Our laboratories work with the latest technology and are extremely efficient, so you will usually receive the results within 14 days of receipt of the sample - also by e-mail. The evaluation and assessment are highly accurate and are communicated to you in an understandable way so that you can take the correct measures if necessary. If you have any questions about the GenoLine horse health check, you can always contact our team of experts who will provide you with useful advice and support.

Preventive health checks for horses - easy & stress-free

Animals are like humans: prevention and early detection are among the most effective measures to ensure well-being. In addition, malaise or illness can also be stressful for animals. We want to avoid that with our health checks for horses.

In order to improve the quality of treatment and quality of life for four-legged friends, we offer a wide range of tests and health checks. Your horse can therefore be tested for suspected various intolerances - completely without invasive measures. With the GenoLine horse health check, you can keep an eye on the condition of your favorite horse more easily and quickly take any necessary measures.

Our overviews and instructions will help you plan the next step optimally and create a possible treatment plan. Our team of health experts and molecular biologists will be happy to support you. Make your horse's life more relaxed and happier through a coordinated care.

For orders over €100 we ship your goods for free and with every order we donate €1 to charitable causes. So you not only help your darling with the health check for horses, you also support other necessary projects.

After my dogs showed severe abnormalities (scratching blood, pustules, heartburn) and nobody could say exactly where it came from, I ended up at GenoLine. So I ordered 2x allergy test sets and after 2 weeks I finally knew what was not good for my dogs. I can only recommend it to everyone, of course, with several dogs the price is not out of the ordinary, but if you consider what the vet costs.

Nionila A

Luckily we reacted quickly. Corona doesn't make it easy for us to lead a normal life anyway. So it was difficult for Fabi to see where these problems in his concentration came from. He clearly had a defect that was not insignificant! Thank you ... I can only recommend!

Ute H

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