DNA wolf proportion analysis

  • Get precise evidence of whether your dog carries the wolf gene
  • Quick and easy sampling including instructions and the associated utensils
  • Yes/No test - get a clear answer to your question
  • Simply test it from home
  • Receive the result conveniently by email

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You should know that.

With the informative yes/no test you can find out in no time whether the wolf gene is in your dog.
This type of analysis is ideal for better understanding your dog’s behavior. One thing you should know is that dogs with a high proportion of wolves can behave significantly differently than typical domestic dogs.

How the analysis works...

Behavioral differences in dogs with the wolf gene.

Dogs with a high proportion of wolves can differ significantly in their behavior from typical domestic dogs. They can be more unpredictable, more territorial and less domesticated.

Therefore, potential owners should carefully consider whether they have the necessary experience and environment to keep such an animal safely and responsibly.

Purpose of analysis.

The goal of the evaluation is to determine what percentage of your dog's DNA
actually descended from the wolf.
This can also be important, among other things, in order to comply with legal requirements,
as the keeping of animals with a high proportion of wolves is restricted in some areas
or may be prohibited.

frequently asked Questions

Here you will find the most important questions about the DNA Wolf test.

For every dog ​​owner who is interested in where the dog's genetic influences come from.
The result can be viewed in the online portal. You will receive access to the portal via email. After the analysis is done.
You will receive a saliva collection kit and take a sample from your dog. We carry out the genetic test here in our in-house laboratory. The evaluation will then take place via email.

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Customer Reviews

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Ich wollte es einfach wissen

Leider ist kein Wolf in meinem Filou : (
Kollegen und Erklärungen waren aber top von den Kollegen.

S Schröder
Irre ... ich wusste es schon immer!

Coole Erfahrung zu erfahren ob und wieviel vom Ursprungswolf noch in der DNA zu finden ist. Die Geschichte mit der Probenabnahme war nicht ganz easy ... aber schlussendlich von Erfolg gekrönt.