DNA cognitive ability analysis

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product information

You can determine your cognitive abilities through your genetic analysis. What are your strengths and weaknesses? The analysis helps you, among other things, to improve your deficits.

Especially when it comes to learning something new, it makes sense to find out how best to deepen your newly acquired knowledge. In order to achieve maximum learning success.

The term cognitive refers to the mental functions of humans - related to perception, learning, remembering, thinking and knowing.

your advantages

You should definitely know that...

Studying genetic variants can help us understand the causes of differences in people's cognitive functions, which are determined by the environment, but also make an important contribution to genetics.

Language or analytical thinking?

Is your genetic makeup more attuned to thinking mathematically and analytically? Or do you find it easy to learn a new language?

Concrete recommendations will give you important tips that will make your learning methods significantly more effective. Especially if there is a slight deficit in one area.

Unfair Advantage!

Gain a professional advantage by promoting your cognitive strengths. Stand out from the crowd.

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How developed is your information processing?

Memory processing is the ability to encode information. How capable are your cognitive abilities - to store acquired knowledge and retrieve it when needed.

Memory processing is a high-level, heritable, and complex cognitive trait. Slight deficits create learning obstacles.

The analysis tells you more about the characteristics of your memory performance in relation to information processing.

How the analysis works...

Personalized DNA analysis results report

You can view your personalized result permanently in our online portal. You can see exactly which enzymes have been tested. Concrete recommendations are also available in the test result.

You will receive a detailed explanation for each individual section.

Your data is safe with us!

No worries! Your data is safe with us and will not be passed on to third parties.
Your sample will be tested in a safe and controlled laboratory. And will be destroyed immediately after the evaluation.

Your contact details are only available to selected and verified people. In addition, your data is cryptically encrypted and makes it impossible to intercept the data. This will ensure the best security for you.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines of the GDPR.

In addition, each process is protected by encryption.

frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the DNA cognitive ability analysis.

- Findings Mathematical ability

- Cognitive ability

- Motor learning and performance

- reading ability

- memory processing

- Visual ability

- memory processing

- decision-making ability

- language ability

- Willingness to take risks

- Insight

- resilience

- Stress Response

- Presentation of creative skills

- Music

- creativity

No, the DNA cognitive ability analysis is not an intelligence test. It tells you what cognitive strengths and weaknesses you have.
The result can be viewed in the online portal. You will receive access to the portal via email. After the analysis is done.
The answer is clear, no. Your body responds to a wide range of external conditions, although much is dictated by your genetics. Your DNA is really important, but environmental factors or habits like lifestyle, exercise or diet also affect your body.

Customer Reviews

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Marion Grünberg
Toll hat super geklappt

Wirklich eine sehr informative Auswertung. Die Empfehlungen nach einem Telefonat mit einem fachkundigen Kollegen war ebenfalls sehr zufriedenstellend


Vor kurzem habe ich meine Ergebnisse erhalten und bin absolut erstaunt. Mega Test - bin sehr zufrieden.

S Schröder
Nun ist es sicher ... ich bin ein Genie!

Vielen Dank für die tolle Auswertung, in der ich mich zu 100% wiederfinde. Ich schein aber noch ein paar Talente zu haben, die ich bis dato nicht wirklich versucht habe herauszukitzeln!

Mega Test

Tolle und sehr informative Ergebnisse!

Silke Voss

Ich habe den Test bei unserem Jungen gemacht und bin begeistert. Es ist jetzt so viel einfacher einige Dinge ...gerade auch in Bezug auf Hobbys und schulischer Leistung zu verstehen. Einen Punkt Abzug wegen etwas längeren Wartezeit ... wurde aber verständlich von den Kollegen erklärt.