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Allergy checks from GenoLine

The focus of the efforts was to develop a test that provides information about intolerances/allergies and stress in the organism.
We have achieved this with the GenoLine Liquid-Check. This is able to use saliva to reveal hidden stresses and intolerances in the body.
Probably the most positive difference to the classic allergy test is the diversity of our testing options.

Our motivation

With fun and a lot of know-how, we would like to show you a path that is really tough!

We start with the most exciting topic, which always causes completely unfounded fears and controversial discussions.

The splitting of your personal DNA. These results give you the opportunity to better understand your body and consciously steer your life in the right direction.

GenoLine partner

We are constantly on the lookout for new partners who would like to integrate our evaluations into their everyday practice or their core business.

Simply contact us at info@genoline.de and let us know
to be convinced by the exciting possibilities of GenoLine analyses.

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Mission and vision of GenoLine

The focus is on health care for people and animals. We do not want to replace a visit to the doctor / therapist, but see our evaluation as a supplementary means. Using our DNA evaluations, we start at the roots of your identity and complete this path with our checks for intolerance and allergies.

For years we have been working in partnership with colleagues from a wide range of specialist areas hand in hand on the vision of taking your health care to a new level.

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