DNA fitness analysis

  • Personalized result + concrete recommendations for improved sports performance
  • More than 40 gene segments are tested
  • Certified laboratory analysis - from Germany
  • Free return of the sample kit to our laboratory
  • DNA Special Deal - get it now for just €129

Can be delivered in 2 – 3 working days

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product information

Optimize your training plan with a comprehensive genetic analysis. Find out what your risk of sports injuries is. Which positive excesses your genotype shows in sports such as endurance or weight training .

The analysis also tells you which diet is best for you in order to minimize sports injuries, among other things. And which promotes your regeneration after your training sessions.

Do you know what your aerobic capacity (VO2max) and lactate threshold are? They provide you with important information about your performance and endurance. People with a high lactate threshold are usually more resistant to enormous exertion and are able to endure it continuously without symptoms of fatigue.

your advantages

Muscle Damage and Recovery

Sore muscles after training? After a long workout you destroy your muscles. This muscle damage naturally leads to a desired inflammatory response . which promotes tissue growth. However, overusing the muscle can cause damage. Which should be avoided by a regenerative break.

Everyone needs an individual rest phase between training sessions in order not to destroy the muscle build-up. Depending on the genotype, this is an individual matter.
As an athletic person, it's important to know what muscle damage and recovery profile you have. Not that there are still serious injuries.

Fat loss in response to exercise

Find out if your fat is being used as an energy generator. With regular training, the fatty tissue oxidizes and is used to generate energy. This results in an improved metabolism. And fat burning is promoted . Weight loss occurs.

An expression helps you minimize the risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure and cancer.
Depending on your genotype, you may have a higher or lower response to fat loss.

How the analysis works...

Are You Building Muscle Effectively?

Your genetics make the muscle build. Training and the right diet are responsible for 70% of your muscle building. Have you ever thought about your genetic predisposition? Every genotype is different, and so is the tendency towards pronounced musculature.

It is important for you to know how your body reacts to strength training. Do you find it easy to build muscle? Or have you been training for a long time and hardly showing any results?

The genetic deficits can be corrected . Among other things, a balanced diet with sufficient intake of proteins and carbohydrates helps.
And an intensification of your training.

In the DNA fitness analysis you will receive important information that will help you build muscle . To get the most out of training and your body.

Personalized DNA analysis results report

You can view your personalized result permanently in our portal. You can see exactly which enzymes have been tested. Concrete recommendations are also available in the test result.

You will receive a detailed explanation for each individual section.

Your data is safe with us!

No worries! Your data is safe with us and will not be passed on to third parties.
Your sample will be tested in a safe and controlled laboratory. And will be destroyed immediately after the evaluation.

Your contact details are only available to selected and verified people. In addition, your data is cryptically encrypted and makes it impossible to intercept the data. This will ensure the best security for you.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines of the GDPR.

In addition, each process is protected by encryption.

frequently asked Questions

Here you will find the most important questions about the DNA fitness analysis.

The DNA test gives you specific recommendations for proper nutrition. Which can have a positive effect on your athletic performance. It is also important how you should train, i.e. what kind of training is the right one. How many breaks you should take between workouts. And many other relevant points that are important for your health are dealt with in the analysis. Important KPI's involved in the analysis; lactate threshold; Gain muscle, lose fat in response to exercise + 11 more points
The result can be viewed in the online portal. You will receive access to the portal via email. After the analysis is done.
The answer is clear, no. Your body responds to a wide range of external conditions, although much is dictated by your genetics. Your DNA is really important, but environmental factors or habits like lifestyle, exercise or diet also affect your body.

Thats what our customers say ...

Customer Reviews

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Einfach 👍

So, ich habe 2 Analysen gemacht. Da ich selbst seit über 10 Jahren im Bereich der Molekularbiologie arbeite, würde ich mal sagen das ich vom Fach bin. GenoLine hat vor meiner Analyse mit Engelsgeduld meine neugierigen Fragen beantwortet. Von daher sehe ich es als selbstverständlich an, auch meine positive Erfahrung mitzuteilen. Die DNA Analyse von GenoLine ist definitiv "Königsklasse" und auf höchsten Niveau. Ich werde euch weiterempfehlen!! Danke

Macht Sinn

Unbedingt empfehlenswert für den Sportler der aktiv unterwegs ist ... aber für die Person die ab und an mal ein wenig für die Fitness macht! Danke

Gemacht und nicht bereut!

Ok, ich musste 3 Tage länger warten ... aber wisst ihr was manchmal bei anderen Anbietern los ist??! Da musste ich auch schon mal 3 Monate warten. Also alles vollkommen OK - gutes Produkt GenoLine...macht weiter so!

Bin sehr zufrieden mit Ablauf und Leitung

Die Ergebnisse sind echt gut aufgebaut und auch für Laien sehr gut zu verstehen.

Sven Klever
Bin begeistert

Die Auswertung ist einfach super, habe zusätzlich noch den Stoffwechsel geschekct und bin begeistert was die Analysen alles offenlegen! Absolut top