DNA skin type analysis

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  • Skin problems are revealed by a genetic test
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product information

Are you plagued by blemishes? Natural influences and your genetics are responsible for this. The genetic analysis tests, among other things, for autoimmune diseases and morphology, including acne.

The analysis also tests for photoaging and chronic inflammation.

Genes decide how quickly your skin ages. Find out your deficits early on in order to address them. Slow down the aging process and maintain the health of your skin.

Get important tips that will help you achieve better skin.

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Which influences play a role in skin aging?
According to scientific studies, 20% to 30% of skin changes are sealed by genetic factors. 70% - 80% are caused by environmental influences.

The main reason for rapidly aging skin

The MC1R gene is responsible for the aging process of the skin. It is important for you to know how pronounced this gene is in you. To take measures to slow down the aging process. The gene is included in the analysis.

One of the causes of skin aging is an unhealthy diet. Alcohol, smoking or too much sun promote the process. As a result, the body develops biological stress. Which has a negative effect on the skin.

Reduce the skin aging process

No more overpriced anti-aging creams. Slow down the aging process through genetic analysis. Get valuable tips that will help you improve the appearance of your skin.

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This is how the analysis works...

Personalized DNA analysis results report

You can permanently view your personalized result in our online portal. You can see exactly which enzymes were tested. Specific recommendations are also included in the test results.

You will receive a detailed explanation for each individual category.

Your data is safe with us!

No worries! Your data is safe with us and will not be passed on to third parties.
Your sample will be tested in a safe and controlled laboratory. And will be destroyed immediately after evaluation.

Your contact details are only available to selected and verified people. In addition, your data is cryptically encrypted and makes it impossible to intercept the data. This will ensure the best security for you.

We strictly adhere to the guidelines of the GDPR.

In addition, each process is protected by encryption.

frequently asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions about the DNA skin type analysis.

Your skin is exposed to a constant change of environmental influences. UV radiation and exhaust gases can promote inflammatory processes in the skin. An unhealthy diet and heavy nicotine and alcohol consumption affect your skin health.

These factors lead to premature skin aging due to oxidative stress: the skin loses moisture, elasticity and robustness. Wrinkles appear more and more. In addition, the skin can become more susceptible to inflammation.

There are 46 genes included in the analysis. A detailed list can be found in the test result, including a definition of the respective gene.
You will receive recommendations on the examined characteristics of your skin health. You will receive important tips to improve your complexion that you can take into account in everyday life. The main focus is on points relating to nutrition, lifestyle and the right sun protection. Attention: Have you already been diagnosed with a disease? You should only use the recommendations under medical supervision.
The result can be viewed in the online portal. You will receive access to the portal via email. After the analysis is done.
The answer is clearly, no. Your body responds to a wide range of external conditions, although much is dictated by your genetics. Your DNA is really important, but environmental factors or habits like lifestyle, exercise or diet also affect your body.

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