DNA metabolism analysis

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DNA metabolism analysis

  • Personalized result can be viewed in the online portal
  • Lose weight effectively - find out which foods prevent you from losing weight
  • Recognize your tendencies towards the yo-yo effect in order to avoid it in the future
  • DNA analysis Made in Germany
  • DNA Special Deal - get it now for just €129

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product information

The DNA metabolism analysis determines your metabolism type. Find out if you have a genetic tendency to be overweight, a yo-yo effect or other risk factors .

Your personalized result gives you information
What foods prevent you from losing weight. In the online portal you have the opportunity to view your result permanently (lifelong access).

Adjust the diet to your results to lose weight effectively. You can easily carry out the analysis from home.

your advantages

You should definitely know that...

Lots of diets and nothing really worked? This is because many weight loss procedures are not intended for certain metabolic types. 74% of people fail their diet after a few days or weeks — with little to no results.

To give you an unfair advantage - the DNA metabolism analysis will help you to achieve your desired figure. You not only find out which metabolic type you are. The analysis also tells you which genetic factors are preventing you from losing weight. Realize 10 times better results with the analysis than with a run-of-the-mill diet.

The big secret of Hollywood stars

They use DNA analysis to find out their metabolic type.

Purposefully avoid resilient food groups — those that prevent you from losing weight.

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Ability to maintain weight loss

Get important information about your risk of regaining the weight you lost . Also called the yo-yo effect.

Certain genetic influences make it difficult for you to maintain your weight. You have to pay more attention to your diet.

Crash diets are unpredictable in this case and should not be attempted at all. Here one should rather consider an active lifestyle with a sustainable and effective training and nutrition plan.

How the analysis works...

Micronutrient requirements

Many people harbor inefficient micronutrient metabolism. To help you make up for your deficiencies. The DNA metabolism test gives you information about which type of micronutrients your body can process better and which not.

Micronutrients are extremely important, so you strengthen your well-being and get more energy to be able to cope better with everyday life.

According to scientific studies, a lack of micronutrients is often responsible for the spread of depressive traits. Magnesium in particular plays an important role in this regard.

In the analysis, the metabolism is tested against the most common vitamins, phosphates, zinc, magnesium, iron and antioxidants.
Recognize the deficit and adjust it through an effective and sustainable diet.

Personalized DNA analysis results report

You can view your personalized result permanently in our online portal. You can see exactly which enzymes have been tested. Concrete recommendations are also available in the test result.

You will receive a detailed explanation for each individual section.

Your data is safe with us!

No worries! Your data is safe with us and will not be passed on to third parties.

Your sample will be tested in a safe and controlled laboratory. And will be destroyed immediately after the evaluation.
They are provided with a numerical code. Your contact details are only available to selected and verified people.

In addition, your data is cryptically encrypted and makes it impossible to tap it. This ensures the best security for you.
We strictly adhere to the guidelines of the GDPR.

Each process is protected by encryption.

frequently asked Questions

The most common questions that arise about DNA metabolism analysis.

The DNA analysis is based on a scientifically internationally recognized test procedure. The procedure is carried out by a scientific institute. Based in Germany.
Obtain the following insights...

- What type of nutrition and diet are you?

- What is your tendency towards the yo-yo effect?

- How does your body react to fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber?

- How is your daily feeling of hunger and satiety?

- Which vitamins and minerals does your body really need?

- How can you optimize your metabolic processes?

- What is the distribution of macronutrients and micronutrients in your body?

- How can you regulate your eating habits?

- How high is your taste perception?

The result can be viewed in the online portal. You will receive access to the portal via email. After the analysis is done.
The Metabolism Test is of interest to any adult over the age of 18 who wants to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. It is particularly suitable for people who have already tried many diets and weight loss programs. And have had no success with it. The analysis tells you which foods prevent you from losing weight.

Thats what our customers say ...

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Sven Klatt
Danke für die Ergebnisse

Hatte mich vorab detailliert informiert und anhand der Aussagen zur Qualitätskontrolle der Proben für GenoLine entschieden. Ok, dauert einen Tag länger, ist aber mega genau in der Auswertung.

Manar Abdelhalim
Kein Ergebnis

Ich habe schon mein Testkit seit einem Monat geschickt und Sie haben bestätigt und bis heute kein Ergebnis bekommen.
Ich habe zwei Emails geschickt und auch per Telefon angerufen aber keine Antwort!
Was soll ich mehr tun ??

Hallo Manar,

tatsächlich haben wir Dein Ergebnis Dir gestern zugeschickt. Schau bitte in Deinen Spam-Ordern. Dort solltest Du die E-Mail mit dem Ergebnis auf jeden Fall vorfinden.

Schöne Grüße wünscht Dir Dein GenoLine Team

Kadir Erkartal
Kein Ergebnis

Es sind jetzt ca.7 Wochen her und ich habe leider kein Ergebnis, daher wäre es falsch zu Bewerten

Hi Kadir, das kann eigentlich nicht angehen. Wir prüfen ob dein Ergebnis schon an dich verschickt wurde und melden uns max. morgen bei dir zurück. Schau bitte zwischenzeitlich mal im Spam Ordner deines Postfaches nach. Und bitte, auch an alle anderen zukünftigen Kunden! Wenn ihr nach mehren Wochen nichts erhalten habt, dann unbedingt auf der oder per Telefon melden. Es gibt keine Analysen die nach 2 Monaten noch nicht ready und versandt sind/wurden. VG GenoLine

Marion Grünberg
Ganz tolles Produkt

Wirklich eine sehr informative Auswertung. Die Empfehlungen nach einem Telefonat mit einem fachkundigen Kollegen war ebenfalls sehr zufriedenstellend.

Heidi K.
Vom Profi für Profis

So, ich habe 2 Analysen gemacht. Da ich selbst seit über 10 Jahren im Bereich der Molekularbiologie arbeite, würde ich mal sagen das ich vom Fach bin. GenoLine hat vor meiner Analyse mit Engelsgeduld meine neugierigen Fragen beantwortet. Von daher sehe ich es als selbstverständlich an, auch meine positive Erfahrung mitzuteilen. Die DNA Analyse von GenoLine ist definitiv "Königsklasse" und auf höchsten Niveau. Ich werde euch weiterempfehlen!! Danke

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