Speichel-Test für Menschen

Menschen sorgen sich oft um ihre Haustiere und lassen sie bei Verdacht schnell auf Krankheiten testen. Doch wenn bei ihnen selbst Symptome einer Krankheit oder Allergie auftreten, ignorieren viele diese ersten Anzeichen. Dabei könnte es doch so einfach sein. Die Speichel-Tests von GenoLine sind einfach in der Handhabung und praktisch von zuhause aus durchführbar. Bei Verdacht auf ein Problem solltest Du also nicht lange zögern. Mit klaren, schnellen Ergebnissen findest Du sicher heraus, ob Dir etwas fehlt.

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After my dogs showed severe abnormalities (scratching blood, pustules, heartburn) and nobody could say exactly where it came from, I ended up at GenoLine. So I ordered 2x allergy test sets and after 2 weeks I finally knew what was not good for my dogs. I can only recommend it to everyone, of course, with several dogs the price is not out of the ordinary, but if you consider what the vet costs.

Nionila A

Luckily we reacted quickly. Corona doesn't make it easy for us to lead a normal life anyway. So it was difficult for Fabi to see where these problems in his concentration came from. He clearly had a defect that was not insignificant! Thank you ... I can only recommend!

Ute H

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Spitting self-tests - an overview

With our variety of saliva tests and health checks, we cover many, very different problems that can cause discomfort. Ease of use is guaranteed with the complete kit and clear instructions. In addition, the saliva tests are reliable, easy and convenient to carry out.

Our saliva tests at a glance:

  • Allergy Check Human : With this saliva test you can detect allergies and intolerances by testing against more than 550 substances. These contain nutrients including pollen and flowers. You will receive the results and their evaluation by email within 14 days.
  • DNA metabolism analysis : With this you can recognize your tendencies to the yo-yo effect and find out which foods can promote a loss in your metabolism. You can view the personalized result of the DNA analysis of this saliva test on the online portal.
  • Food additives check : If you suspect additives such as flavors, colorings or preservatives are behind your symptoms, you can use this saliva test to get tested against 80 substances and uncover any intolerances.
  • Fatigue check : Exhaustion and deficiencies are often harder to recognize or admit. With this saliva test you can check whether and what deficiencies you have and what your micronutrients and vitamins are. You will receive the results within 14 days.
  • Immune check : You can simply carry out this quick check at home and receive your results in 2 weeks. If necessary, you can use it to adjust your micronutrient balance.
  • Metal & foreign substance check : This saliva test also gives you information about your body and whether any complaints are related to metals or foreign substances.
  • DNA allergy analysis : During this health check you will be tested primarily for nasal allergies, i.e. asthma, olive pollen allergy and more. You can view the personalized results of this test online after notification.
  • DNA fitness analysis : This saliva test checks 40 gene sections. After the certified laboratory analysis from Germany, you will receive your precise results. Shipping your sample back to our laboratory is free of charge.
  • DNA skin type analysis : If you want to check for possible skin problems, a genetic test is suitable. In addition to the results, you will receive concrete tips for improving your skin.
  • DNA cognitive ability analysis : With this saliva test you can more easily recognize your cognitive strengths, expand them with personalized feedback and adapt and improve your learning methods. Returning the sample kit to our laboratory is also free of charge.

Easy to use for a clean health check-up

Your well-being is important to you, but you don't have time to fight through complicated processes? Our saliva test offers you a simple, uncomplicated method to check your health. You don't need to bother with difficult instructions or complicated procedures.

With GenoLine, only three steps are necessary: ​​collect saliva, send in a sample, receive results. Simply open the test, collect a saliva sample by simply spitting into the container provided and return it in the enclosed, prepaid shipping bag. A comprehensive health check-up has never been so easy and stress-free.

General health check – quick and professional

While you value convenience and simplicity, we value speed and accuracy. GenoLine's saliva test allows you to carry out a professional health check within a very short time. After we receive your sample, we process it immediately and guarantee you results within 2 weeks.

With the saliva test you not only get quick but also professional results. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology that helps our scientists conduct a wide range of tests. Whether you want to be tested for allergies, nutrient deficiencies or other intolerances - we'll find out what's wrong with you!

Trust in the saliva test for humans from GenoLine

Trust is an important factor when it comes to your well-being. Our saliva tests therefore stand for trustworthiness and safety. Every sample we receive is treated with the utmost care and discretion. Our processes are designed to preserve the integrity of each sample and deliver accurate, reliable results.

In addition to high accuracy and reliability, we are also committed to excellent customer service. If you have any questions, whether about carrying out the saliva test or interpreting your results, our team of nutritionists and molecular biologists are available to provide you with detailed answers.

GenoLine 's saliva test is more than just a diagnostic tool. It is a tool that gives you more control over your body and helps you make informed decisions. That's why so many people trust our saliva test - because they know they can rely on us.