Ein Auszug aus unserem Berufsalltag, warum wir das hier für Dich machen.

About Us

Genoline develops DNA analyzes and liquid checks for humans and animals. The focus is on the quality of the products and an excellent result.

who we are

We are a founder-managed company with our main location in Krefeld (NRW).
We are currently a team of around 20 colleagues, which is constantly expanding with the launch of DNA analyzes and liquid checks.

Our team is peppered with professionals. From nutritionists to molecular biologists, we are excellently positioned throughout the entire customer journey.

We not only live this expertise in the B2C business, but have built up a B2B customer network over many years, which has spread far beyond all medical and health advisory activities.

We attach great importance to complexity. For us, complexity means that naturopaths, like doctors, have an equal place in working with us.

In modern health care, mistakes are made time and time again. One professional group has little to moderate understanding for the other, instead of working together on one strand, namely on the health of the patient.


We are constantly on the lookout for new partners who would like to integrate our evaluations into their everyday practice or their core business.

Simply contact us at info@genoline.de and find out about the exciting possibilities of the
Let GenoLine analyzes convince you.

The solution lies in preventive measures

The human body is increasingly exposed to stress and a wide variety of environmental pollution. Here it makes sense to develop a master plan for your health before the symptoms arise.
This master plan starts with understanding my DNA. Understanding your DNA and living a life consciously according to its characteristics is not difficult and should not worry you in any way.

Medicine and the most modern research are already so far advanced in many sub-areas that with an early recognition of deficits in one's own DNA, through a more conscious and healthier life even percentage probable diseases can be minimized or eliminated.
Here one thing is necessary to understand.

The DNA analyzes offered in the shop are easily digestible fare for every end customer. This is not about disclosure of disease probabilities. The DNA analyzes offered in the shop should simply accompany you on your life path and enlighten you on a wide variety of topics.
Only our professional medical partners are responsible for the deeper view of your DNA. Feel free to contact us at info@genoline.de for a deeper insight.