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frequently asked Questions

AB saliva input takes about 14 days to evaluate the findings.
Please place the hair (2-3 hairs with roots) in the enclosed glass tube.
Yes, the hair is placed in a tube together with the saliva.
Please only touch the cotton swab with gloves and then break it off so that it fits into the glass tube.
Please only pull out 2-3 hairs with roots, on the rod, in the ear, on the stomach, on the back - it doesn't matter 😊
Delivery within Germany usually takes 2-3 days, abroad it can take longer. If a test set has not arrived after 1 - ½ weeks, please contact us.
Of course, please contact us at and we will send you information.
The test can also be carried out during pregnancy, false pregnancies, etc.
Write us an email within the 14 days and then send the test set back to us at your expense.
At the moment, the findings are basically only in German.
Please get an alternative cotton swab from the pharmacy or similar institutions and use it
Yes please, write down what your dog gets on the request form provided.
This test should be understood as a precautionary measure and we recommend repeating it once a year