What types of metabolism are there?

Determining your metabolic type will help you to achieve and maintain your desired weight. A targeted metabolic analysis can be used to determine what specific carbohydrate, protein or fat requirements you need for your type. Conversely, this means that general nutritional recommendations and diets that ignore your individual metabolic type are completely useless for muscle building or weight loss attempts.

Only when you know your metabolic type can you use this knowledge effectively to achieve weight loss, muscle building and stimulation of your metabolism . The human DNA test required for this is simple, uncomplicated and painless. With its help, you can optimally adjust your diet to your individual nutritional needs and avoid obesity!

What metabolic type am I?

The study of metabolic types is also called metabolic typing and knows three different types. These depend on the main need a person has for protein and carbohydrates, or whether they are a mixed type.

This also results in the following three metabolic types:

  • protein type
  • carbohydrate type
  • mixed type

How can I find out my metabolic type?

In order to find out your type, there are many so-called metabolic type tests online, in which you have to answer a few test questions. These ask you specifically about things that belong to the characteristic properties of the individual metabolic types.

This is the easiest way to find out your metabolic type, but the result of such tests is rather imprecise. This is because you may not be able to decide between several answers and some questions would be answered differently if you repeated the test.

It is therefore safer to use a scientific method that analyzes your blood or saliva and can then give you very specific information about your metabolic type.

Properties of the different metabolic types

The three metabolic types have the following characteristics:

The protein type has a preference for fatty and salty foods, which often takes the form of cravings for pizza, chips, or nuts. When this metabolic type eats carbohydrates, like sweets, they have a hard time stopping. The protein type does not immediately feel full and gets hungry again between main meals.

Foods have a major impact on Protein Type energy levels and can make them feel tired or jittery, especially sugary foods. It is therefore important to keep the blood sugar level constant to prevent food cravings. It is recommended to avoid refined carbohydrates such as candy, soft drinks and white flour products. Protein types should eat a diet low in carbohydrates but high in protein and fat.

The carbohydrate type is characterized by low food intake and long breaks between meals. He only feels the need to eat when he is very hungry. More stressful situations can cause this type to lose their appetite. He prefers sweets and likes to drink caffeinated drinks.

The carbohydrate type often finds it difficult to lose weight because they process starchy foods more slowly. In order to still lose weight successfully, he should rely on carbohydrates . However, it is also important to have a sufficient amount of protein and fiber in order to avoid food cravings. This metabolic type can tolerate fruits and vegetables well and should combine these foods with low-fat protein sources .

The mixed type has a largely balanced metabolism, which means that it has a good ability to utilize carbohydrates, proteins and fats. However, due to changing eating habits, he tends to have cravings for sweet and salty foods. This makes it difficult for this guy to maintain his body weight. In addition, he is often tired or feels an inner restlessness.

Fortunately, the mixed type can tolerate all macronutrients (protein, fat, carbohydrates), but should be careful not to eat an unbalanced diet. The golden rule of nutrition for this metabolic type is therefore to adopt a balanced diet consisting of one-third high-quality protein, one-third complex carbohydrates and one-third healthy fats.

Do any of these three descriptions pretty much describe you? Then you can already guess your type. However, you should find a concrete answer using a scientifically proven method .