Worm test for cats – stress-free with the GenoLine Liquid-Check

Pets can carry various allergies or pathogens in their bodies, which GenoLine can localize with a saliva sample thanks to the liquid check.

Our worm test for cats can be used easily and completely stress-free for the animal at home. In our laboratory, we then determine professionally and within just 2 weeks whether your cat has worms, parasites or mites.

By checking three different possible stress levels in the cat worm test at the same time, you will quickly and specifically know what your cat has. Therefore, you can do something about it immediately after the result of your cat's worm test. Trust our expertise!

Why is a cat worm test so important?

All cats, both indoor and outdoor, can become infected with different types of worms. Unfortunately, the worms can also be transmitted to humans. The fox tapeworm in particular, which often chooses the cat as its intermediate host, can be very dangerous. It can cause severe liver damage and even death in humans.

A regular worm test for cats ensures that worms and parasites are quickly detected and allows you to treat them immediately. There are suitable preparations such as pastes, tablets or spot-on products. The worm test for cats is not only important for the health of your house cat, but also for you and your family!

How do cats get infected with worms?

Depending on the type of worms, cats can get them through their mother's milk (ascarids). You can also get infected from other animals or their faeces. Infection is also possible through contact with carrion or infected prey.

Even fleas can transmit various tapeworms. You unintentionally transport other worms into the house via your shoes, since infectious worm eggs can also be found in the soil. However, we can find any type of worm with our cat worm test.

How do you recognize a worm infestation in your cat?

This can manifest itself in very different ways, but you can usually notice the following symptoms:

· Loss of appetite and consequent weight loss

· Diarrhea - with or without vomiting

· Itching on or around the anus

· Deficiency symptoms due to poor nutrient supply

· Dull fur

· A so-called "belly of worms", which is very bloated in the case of a severe infestation

However, you don't have to wait until your cat shows symptoms, but ideally carry out our GenoLine Liquid-Check worm test for cats 3 times a year to be on the safe side. Of course, you can use the worm test for cats more often if you suspect an infestation.

What types of worms can be found in the cat worm test?

There are different types of worms that your cat can catch. These include, for example:

· Roundworms (usually lead to mushy stools, shaggy fur and weight loss)

· Hookworms (settle in the intestines and lead to emaciation)

Tapeworms (passed through the intestines and cause anal itching)

· Lungworms

· Heartworms

· Bladderworms

Roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms are the most common, but they can be detected quickly and treated easily with our GenoLine Liquid-Check worm test for cats. Above all, it is easy to use and particularly stress-free for your cat when used at home!

How often should you deworm your cat?

There are rules of thumb that state that cats should be dewormed 4 times a year (outdoor cats) or twice a year (indoor cats). However, this usually does not help to get the animals completely free of worms, because the wormers only work for a few weeks or even days - the animals can then become infected again immediately. However, the worm infestation is greatly reduced and can therefore neither harm the animal too much nor become dangerous for humans.

How does the cat worm test work?

Our GenoLine Liquid-Check worm test for cats uses a simple saliva and hair sample that we can examine and evaluate in our laboratory using modern and innovative biomedical procedures.

We have already carried out more than 200,000 successful tests (worm test for cats and other liquid checks). You can therefore rely on our experience and competence in this area.

You order the GenoLine Liquid-Check worm test for cats in our shop and send us the cat's hair and saliva in a small tube by post. We will then start the analysis immediately and will email you the result of the worm test for cats within 14 days at the latest.

You can find more helpful answers to your questions on our FAQ page. We also offer you exciting information about the health of humans and animals in our guide.

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