Barf check dog

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  • Almost 300 components in the individual test – click here for the sample results
  • Identify intolerances using the test
  • Exclude the negatively contaminated substances from your diet
  • Receive results conveniently by email after 14 days
  • The current state of your dog's micronutrient balance is determined

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Barf variants explained

Barf check standard

The Barf-Check standard includes the tabular evaluation of your sample. This will reach you 14 days after receipt of the sample.

  • Evaluation after 14 days
    • Receive result by email

The Barf Check Best

In this variant, in addition to your result, which will reach you within 14 days, you will also have the option of a telephone consultation.

  • Evaluation after 14 days
  • telefonic consultancy
  • Contact person

Barf Check Premium

In this variant, you will receive your result after 7 days from the receipt of the sample.

  • Evaluation received after 7 days
  • Receive result by email
  • Contact person

100% clarity with the Barf Check

Included in our Barf check:

Everything that the normal feed check has to offer.


A large part of all common types of meat, all common vegetables, fruit, mushrooms and salads. The status of the current micronutrient balance and also the check for all common types of oil.

Our Barf-Check is an all-round package that checks almost 300 substances for compatibility!

This is how the test works...

Barf Check from GenoLine: An important analysis tool for dog nutrition

A healthy and balanced diet is in the interest of every dog ​​owner. BARF, which is essentially species-appropriate raw feeding, has been in vogue for a number of years
goes for the dog. A few criteria must be observed here and even with a change in diet, for example as a result of intolerances or allergies, certain problems can also arise with BARF. Since the most common abnormalities in the field of dog health are related to nutrition, GenoLine has developed an adequate analysis tool with the Liquid-Check and the test products developed from it, which helps you to ensure the well-being of your dog.

Optimized barf check developed by specialists

The GenoLine Barf Check is the result of years of experience in the field of animal health. Through the constant further development of our core segment with the cooperation of technically competent physicians, nutritional and feed consultants as well as a conscientious team, we have succeeded in providing comprehensive solutions for any allergies or intolerances that may occur. Take a look at the corresponding product categories such as Barf Check or other liquid tests for dogs in our GenoLine online shop and discover the diverse range of services. For us at GenoLine, the well-being of humans and animals is the focus of our everyday work - a matter close to our heart!

The GenoLine Barf Check – Clarity for fundamentally good dog nutrition

As a dog owner, you have certainly already gained some experience in the field of food and you may have also dealt with BARF. Problems can arise, especially with feed changes. When starting out with BARF, it is recommended to start with around 70 to 80 percent meat, while the rest is supplemented with vegetables or fruit. Around half of the meat should consist of muscle meat, as it contains important proteins, minerals and vitamins. If your dog has already developed intolerances or, in the worst case, allergies, certain risks cannot be ruled out in this area either. Many symptoms such as digestive problems or inflammation in dogs can be traced back to the food. The triggers are often animal proteins, which can be present in beef or poultry. With the GenoLine Barf Check, you can obtain certainty in advance about your dog's intolerance to certain substances and save your four-legged friend from possible illnesses.


The GenoLine Barf Check was developed precisely for this purpose, because it makes much more sense to deal with the problems that may arise as a preventative measure than to see your darling suffer later and only have to fight the symptoms. The Barf Check is an excellent tool for gaining important clarity for your dog's individual diet in advance. If nutritional problems have already occurred or symptoms have set in, the GenoLine Barf Check can be a valuable diagnostic aid when investigating the causes. Of course, proven home remedies can alleviate short-term illnesses or eliminate them for the time being. Moro's carrot soup, for example, helps with diarrhea and prevents the spread of bacteria in your dog's intestines, but in the long term certain problems will keep coming back. With the GenoLine Barf Check you can preventively respond to the targeted nutrition and needs of your dog.

Detailed overview and concrete recommendations - The GenoLine Barf Check

You can find all the important information about the Barf Check and other liquid tests for your dog on the GenoLine website. Please note that the thousands of tests we have already carried out are analyzed by our highly competent employees in-house, so that you can trust the extremely complex evaluation. Please take a look at the numerous positive reviews from other users, to whom we have already been able to provide valuable information on optimal nutrition for their dogs with the Barf Check. The GenoLine Barf Check not only includes the testing of common feeds, but is an all-round package which, together with the essential components for barf, analyzes around 300 substances for their tolerance in your dog. The detailed evaluation includes, for example, all common types of meat, vegetables and fruit, mushrooms, oils and salads. The GenoLine Barf Check gives you 100% clarity and is the basis for better dog nutrition.

Take a look at the Barf Check liquid test set in the GenoLine online shop and order your personal product today. Benefit from our changing discount campaigns and save on your purchase. Consider that GenoLine's Barf Check is the result of a high-quality development phase and, considering the financial level, represents a fair price-performance ratio. Save yourself and especially your dog intensive follow-up diets and high medical costs after preventable illnesses. With the Barf Check, after 14 days at the latest, you will be certain of what should have priority on your dog's menu. The analysis evaluation is carried out with the involvement of various experts, including dog therapists, and gives you clear recommendations on how your dog's individual diet should look like. The Barf Check for dogs is a segment of GenoLine's liquid tests and can be easily supplemented with other products. In addition to the Barf Check, you can discover a number of other liquid test products for animal health or human well-being in the GenoLine online shop. Use our newsletter and the interesting advice pages or contact us if you have any questions or comments. We, the GenoLine team, are always at your disposal with our customer-oriented service, offer you uncomplicated procedures with our high-quality liquid check offers for humans or animals and are proud of the many renowned partners we have been able to win for our work.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Barf Check

Sehr zu empfehlen
Kann ich nur empfehlen.

Einfach und unkompliziert

Man muss zwar etwas warten aber dafür hat man ein übersichtliches Ergebnis. Wir waren zufrieden.

Definitely recommend this test for all dog (and cat) owners

I just received the report and it makes so much sense. Thank you, it is very comprehensive and valuable. Thank you for a great communication! I will definitely do this again for another puppy I will get in some time. Makes it so much easier to create a healthy meal for my baby. Thank you!

Andrea Fahnenschreiber
Würde ich wieder machen

Mein Hund hat einige Unverträglichkeiten und wenn man da im Dunkeln stochert, kann das sehr nervig und unangenehm sein. Ich habe schon zum 2. Mal so einen Futtermitteltest gemacht und ich bin mit diesem sehr zufrieden gewesen. Durch die vielen Lebensmittel, die getestet werden, hat man dann schon einen gewissen Überblick. Auch die Empfehlungen durch den Barf-Check fand ich sinnvoll und hilfreich. Ich werde in Zukunft auf die Empfehlungen achten.

Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen!

Unserer Fellnase geht es nach der Umstellung entsprechend dem Ergebnis einfach so viel besser. Für uns hat sich der Test mehr als gelohnt. Vielen Dank für die schnelle Arbeit.

frequently asked Questions

Questions about the feed check? Here you will find the answers.

Our process has its origins in bio-physics. We allow substances to react with each other and at the same time use important methods from biomedical procedures. Paired with innovative developments, we have developed a unique evaluation and analysis process over the last 10 years. After over 200,000 successful tests, we never stop thinking about becoming even better.
Once the saliva has been received, you will receive your evaluation by email a maximum of 14 days later.
Ab einem Bestellwert von 150 € oder 150 CHF wird der Versand nach Österreich und in die Schweiz erlassen. (Nur Standard Versand)