About Us

Genoline develops tests for humans and animals. The focus is on the quality of the products and an excellent result.

who we are

We are a founder-managed company with our main location in Krefeld (NRW).

We are currently a team of approx. 20 employees, which is currently being expanded significantly with the launch of the Liquid Check for the B2C area " We are hiring ". Due to our history, we are very broadly positioned. We have been covering the needs in B2B for years and now also in the B2C area since the beginning of 2020. We focus on people and animals.

In our daily work, we see it as one of the most important tasks to keep the customer in mind that there is a need for action for health and well-being even before an acute reaction and/or illness. In the B2B area, we have been working very successfully in partnership with therapists and physicians for years.


We are also receiving more and more inquiries from companies who would like to make our liquid check possible for their employees as part of their health care.

Our dream is to make the Liquid-Check available as a companion for every human and animal friend. Perhaps this is an illusory thought, but that is precisely why it is worthwhile to continue to hold on to it.

GenoLine also donates 1% of every turnover from these projects to disadvantaged people and institutions. Please send us an email if you have any ideas or suggestions. info@genoline.de