Worm test dog - early detection of parasites

Nature shows us many mutual relationships that bring mutual benefits to plants or animals, but unfortunately there are also a number of examples where parasites invade a host animal and can cause significant damage in the process.

Such a relationship also occurs between dogs and worms, so that our beloved four-legged friends can suffer health problems in the event of an infestation. Your dog can be infested with worms in different ways and the signs are not always immediately recognizable, especially in adult animals.

In the following explanations you will find out how the worm test for dogs from GenoLine Liquid-Check can help you to ensure the timely detection of parasites and what great advantages you and above all your dog have from it.

Worm test for dogs - innovative development for the well-being of your dog

It goes without saying that the health of your family and your pet is of great importance to you. This is exactly where the efforts of GenoLine Liquid-Check come in.

We have developed the Liquid Check procedure in cooperation with physicians, nutritionists and feed consultants as well as competent employees. This is how the best test solutions came about from the point of view of a holistic approach. The GenoLine Liquid-Check worm test for dogs is one of these quality procedures.

The parasite check not only provides security and detailed evaluations, but also offers you concrete solutions to problems that are not even discussed in many other analyses. With our worm test for dogs you will learn everything about the complex picture of a parasitic load and can ensure a decisive measure for the health of your animal.

Preventive worming can be an important part of this concept, but even with these, a parasite infestation cannot be completely eliminated.

The hardy eggs and larvae of numerous parasites are distributed throughout our environment and can be found in the excretions of other animals, even if we hardly recognize them as such.

Occasionally they stick to the dog's fur, come from intermediate hosts, supposed prey animals or can even get into your home through your own shoes after a walk. Ingested through the dog's mouth, roundworms in particular are the most common type of infection, which can have serious health consequences, especially for puppies.

Do you have questions about using our tests? Our FAQs answer the most common implementation problems. Of course, you can also contact us at any time so that we can discuss your concerns personally.