DNA test for a healthy lifestyle

With our DNA test offer, we can help you to find out certain genetic predispositions that affect your metabolism and, for example, prevent you from losing weight. In addition, we can also use our DNA tests to explore your cognitive abilities or your sporting possibilities.

We can even find out something about your skin blemishes or your nutrition plan using a DNA test and give you tips on how you can minimize the effects by making certain behavioral changes. Healthier, more beautiful, slimmer, fitter - you can achieve that with our DNA tests. Here we present our products and the possibilities briefly and clearly.

DNA analysis - what is it used for?

NS (deoxyribonucleic acid) or DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is our genetic material, which can be examined for various aspects using various molecular biological or biochemical methods (DNA tests).

In the private sphere, DNA tests are often known as paternity tests, but such a test can do even more:

  • This allows the genetic material to be examined for descent, which is why private individuals often have a DNA test carried out for genealogical research in order to research their family tree.
  • In addition, DNA tests are helpful when it comes to determining genetic, i.e. inherited, diseases or predispositions.
  • A DNA test is also used, for example, in archeology or anthropology to examine skeletal finds.
  • In modern forensics, DNA tests help to identify human remains in criminal cases or to track down criminals.

Although our DNA tests are less spectacular, they offer you various advantages for your health and your performance.

The Genoline DNA-TEST range

We currently offer 5 DNA analyses:

  • Metabolic analysis for easier weight loss
  • Skin type analysis to improve the complexion and slow down skin aging
  • Cognitive Skills Analysis to determine predisposition for analytical, mathematical or verbal reasoning
  • Allergy analysis to determine nasal allergies (asthma, pollen, allergic rhinitis)
  • Fitness analysis for individual recommendations for increasing performance and optimal nutrition - for more fitness

This is shown by our DNA test

We will briefly introduce our products to you. You can find more information about each DNA test on the respective product subpage!

Particularly popular: metabolic analysis

Many important health insights can be gained from the metabolism. In our offer, metabolic analysis plays a role for everyone who would like to lose weight. Because the metabolism is responsible for burning fat and thus determines who will lose weight quickly or slowly or practically not at all. To counteract this, you can find out which of the three metabolic types you can be assigned to.

The metabolic types are:

  • protein type
  • carbohydrate type
  • mixed type

From the DNA test, we can calculate your individual need for vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, fat, proteins and carbohydrates. From this, an optimal nutrition plan can be put together that ensures that the metabolism and the food complement each other so well that they cause weight loss.

Get to the bottom of skin impurities: with the DNA skin type analysis

Impure skin is not only annoying for those affected, but can also indicate that an illness is the trigger. With our DNA skin type analysis, we can identify autoimmune diseases or chronic inflammation and find out the speed of skin aging. If you know your deficits or the cause of the blemishes, you can do much better to deal with them.

Of course, after the analysis, you will receive tips from us regarding nutrition, lifestyle and the right sun protection. Because skin aging and skin health are not only dependent on genes, but are also about 70 to 80% dependent on environmental influences. Beautiful, pure and above all healthy skin is just an analysis away!

Learning tips and learning advantages through the cognitive skills analysis

The genes also determine how you process the information from your environment. Conclusions can be drawn from our DNA cognitive abilities analysis

about your cognitive but also your creative abilities. In addition, there are further indications of motor performance, visual abilities, but also of language and reading skills as well as various other sub-areas, including stress reactions. With the individual DNA test, we can tell you how you learn and work best and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

Various DNA allergy analyzes that make your life easier

With our DNA allergy analysis we can identify various food, skin and inhalation allergens. However, this is not a typical allergy test (this would show the reaction of the immune system to certain substances), but we find out how your genes deal with the allergens and what they react to.

Fitter and slimmer thanks to our DNA fitness analysis

In the fitness DNA test, we examine, for example, the lactate threshold or the aerobic capacity, which indicate whether you tire quickly or can really work out. We can give you a recommendation as to whether you should do strength or endurance sports and which diet is ideal for you.

Order DNA analysis now risk-free online at GenoLine

Order your desired DNA test from us now and benefit from our advantages and the particularly simple process!

Advantages of our DNA analysis:

  • Certified laboratory analysis - from Germany
  • Quick result in just 14 days
  • Results can be viewed in the online portal
  • Discreet and secure through data encryption (GDPR applies)
  • Free return of the sample kit to our laboratory
  • With a money-back guarantee

Simple process in just 3 steps:

  • Take a saliva sample
  • Send test sticks to GenoLine
  • Get the result in 14 days

If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time. We are glad to help you!

DNA test FAQ

Are there also risks with the DNA test?

The DNA can be obtained from blood samples, but also from saliva or hair, and examined, which is harmless for patients. The real risk lies in the fact that the DNA analyzes are only of limited significance because they are aimed at the most common genetic changes. In addition, it is unclear when and if the detected disease breaks out.

In addition, the genetic disposition alone is not decisive at all, because various diseases, such as heart disease or diabetes, also depend on environmental conditions or lifestyle. Therefore, tips for improving the circumstances (behaviour, nutrition) are always included in our DNA tests.

What types of DNA tests are there?

There are three variants:

  • The diagnostic genetic test to determine the cause of an existing disease
  • The predictive genetic test to find various metabolic properties
  • The prognostic genetic test to determine how high the risk of future disease is.