Allergy check cat

Der Allergie-Check Standard beinhaltet die tabellarische Auswertung zu deiner Probe. Diese erreicht dich innerhalb von 14 Tagen nach Probeneingang:

  • Es wird auf über 200 verschiedene Stoffe wie Pollen und Gräser getestet – hier geht es zum Musterbefund
  • Es wird ausschließlich auf Inhalationsallergene getestet (keine Futtermittel inkludiert) Hier geht es zum Futtermittel-Check
  • Tabellarische Übersicht mit den getesteten Inhalationsallergenen
  • Erhalte 10 % Nachlass mit dem Rabattcode DEAL10 - nur für kurze Zeit!
  • Paket enthält alles für eine saubere Speichelentnahme – inkl. 1-zu-1-Anleitung, um den Test fehlerfrei durchzuführen

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You can get our liquid checks in 4 different versions

Allergy check standard

The allergy check standard includes the tabular evaluation of your sample. This will reach you 14 days after receipt of the sample.

The Allergy Check Best

In this variant, in addition to your result, which will reach you within 14 days, you will also have the option of a telephone consultation.

Allergy Check Premium

In this variant, you will receive your result after just one week from the receipt of the sample. A telephone analysis of findings and advice from your personal contact round off the service.

Allergy Check Bundle

Contains the standard feed check, allergy check and also the additives check. This bundle is perfect for those who are not yet sure whether the problem is due to the food or other external influences such as pollen etc.

How the test works...

Cat allergy test – top solutions with the GenoLine Liquid-Check

Allergies and intolerances have long been part of the everyday health profile of humans and animals. Many factors play a role here. In cats, it is usually ingredients from feed, infestation with fleas or other parasites that can trigger allergic reactions. Other triggers can be the absorption of harmful particles through the respiratory tract and skin, a so-called atopic dermatitis, an allergy to medicines and to certain substances in the contact area of ​​the cat, such as rubber, or an oversensitivity to bacteria. The reactions of the cat are generally in the form of itching, inflammation and digestive problems, but can vary depending on the species and breed.

Research the cause instead of treating the symptoms – with the GenoLine allergy test for cats

Before starting to treat the symptoms of an allergy with a wide variety of remedies, GenoLine puts the focus on determining the cause. If you have noticed corresponding symptoms, reactions or unusual behavior in your cat, GenoLine's "cat allergy test" can provide you with valuable insights.

Why can the cat allergy test show such important conclusions?

In many cases, an intolerance or allergy in cats is initially neglected. Finally, an attempt is made to counteract this by treating the symptoms. However, if the cause of the disease is not found, the processes can be repeated over and over again. The cat allergy test was developed precisely for these reasons and, thanks to its extensive and diverse focus, is able to narrow down almost all factors that may be responsible for your cat's discomfort. Take a look at the various top products from the cat area in the GenoLine online shop and find out all the essentials about the selected variants of our liquid checks. Don't wait for your cat's problems to get worse or keep coming back. With the GenoLine Liquid-Check allergy test for cats, you receive an adequate test kit for uncomplicated sample collection - simply using your pet's saliva.

The GenoLine Liquid-Check cat allergy test offers you a careful test and analysis that is not only based on the empirical values ​​of thousands of test procedures, but also on well-founded knowledge of biomedical procedures and innovative forms of development. Discover the different alternatives in the GenoLine product range, some of which will definitely meet your individual requirements or wishes. Trust the comprehensive expertise from the findings of the GenoLine Liquid-Check cat allergy test and decide to improve the well-being of your cat in the long term. The cat allergy test provides a clarifying evaluation, which you will receive no later than 14 days after we have received the sample. It is important to us at GenoLine that every cat allergy test is examined and evaluated directly in our company by competent employees. We also answer frequently asked questions about the process in our FAQ.

GenoLine Liquid-Check allergy test for cats – personal animal analysis for more well-being!

The GenoLine Liquid-Check cat allergy test is an animal analysis from cat lover to cat lover. If you read through the positive customer feedback and the great reviews on the GenoLine online portal, you will understand what we want to express with that. Often it's just a small, concise clue that can help you respond for the benefit of your cat. The consequences can be a house tiger that feels unwell and constant, cost-intensive visits to the vet. One reason why it seemed so important to us at GenoLine to develop a basic analysis tool, the Liquid-Check Allergy Test for Cats, which is suitable for clarifying the causes in each individual case. In animal feed alone there are sometimes hundreds of different additives, but also allergy-promoting animal and vegetable proteins. The inhalation of certain pollen, mites or, in rare cases, mold can also cause your cat a lot of trouble.

With the GenoLine Liquid-Check allergy test for cats, you have the choice of narrowing down various possible causes more precisely or having a number of areas clarified more precisely using our allergy check bundle. If your cat has an allergic reaction and this occurs for the first time and unexpectedly, the bundle of cat allergy test, feed and additives check is a sensible analysis option. Decide whether you would like to receive personal advice, a targeted analysis of the findings or an experienced contact person after the evaluation of the GenoLine Liquid-Check cat allergy test, or whether the transmission of the analysis result is sufficient for you. On the GenoLine website you will find recurring special offers or discount campaigns at irregular intervals, with which you can order liquid checks such as the cat allergy test even cheaper.

Don't forget to subscribe to the GenoLine newsletter so that you are regularly informed about all news and special features. Take a look at our online guide for helpful and interesting articles on the topics of nutrition, health or fitness. Benefit from our high-quality product range and our customer-oriented service. If you have any questions, suggestions or personal concerns, do not hesitate to contact us. From the GenoLine Liquid-Check allergy test cat to all other areas of our diverse range, we are at your side with advice and action.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Allergie Kater

Mein Kater hatte Dauerdurchfall, unser Tierarzt wollte eine aufwändige Futterumstellung machen um raus zu finden gegen was er allergisch reagiert, dass hätte aber mehrere Monate gedauert weswegen wir uns für den GenLine-Test entschieden haben. Der Test war super einfach durchzuführen und das Ergebnis war auch wirklich sehr schnell da. Es kam heraus das er Rind und Makrele nicht verträgt, und tatsächlich, als wir das Futter mit Rindfleisch nicht mehr gefüttert haben war der Durchfall innerhalb von 4 Tagen Geschichte. Das ist jetzt über ein Jahr her. Unser Kater ist seit dem beschwerdefrei...
Vielen lieben Dank für Ihre schnelle und professionelle Hilfe, wir sind sehr dankbar.

Liebe Juliane, wow da freuen wir uns für Dich und Deine Samtpfote Bale!
Das ist eine wunderschöne Rückmeldung, danke das Du Dir die Zeit genommen hast!

Endlich Klarheit

Bin so froh, unser Tierarzt wollte keinen Test machen, denn er meinte mein Kater habe Katzenschnupfen. Das glaubte ich ihm nicht, denn er hatte bis auf Niesen keine Symptome. Jetzt weiß ich, dass ich Recht hatte. Jetzt im Herbst ist es vorbei mit den Allergiesymptomen👍🏼

Irina Scheptunow
Nie ein Ergebnis erhalten!

Ich habe nie ein Ergebnis erhalten! Mehrmals Genoline angeschrieben, ohne Erfolg!

Frau Scheptow, wir haben ihnen 5 x ihre Ergebnisse auf die auf den Anforderungsbogen notierte Adresse gesendet. Erstmals am 23.05.2023 ... danach haben wir versucht Kontakt zu ihnen via Mail aufzunehmen ... alles ohne Erfolg. Bitte melden Sie sich schnellstmöglich per Telefon, oder aber Mail damit wir ihnen den Befund zustellen können. VG GenoLine

Edeltraud Lux

Kann noch keine Bewertung abgeben, da ich noch kein Ergebnisse von ihnen bekommen habe. Heute sind die 14 Tage Bearbeitung um und warte auf mein Ergebnis.

Sarah Rittentrop

Allergie-Check Katze

frequently asked Questions

Questions about the test? Here you can find them Answer.

Our process has its origins in bio-physics. We allow substances to react with each other and at the same time use important methods from biomedical procedures. Coupled with an innovative further development, we have developed a unique evaluation and analysis method over the last 10 years After more than 200,000 successful tests, we never stop thinking about getting even better.
After receipt of saliva, you will receive your evaluation by e-mail after a maximum of 14 days.
1 saliva & hair collection tube, 1 mouth swab cotton swab, 1 free return label.
Der Versand in die Schweiz kostet mit der Versandart: Standard international 7,99 CHF. Ab einem Bestellwert von 150 CHF wird der Versand Dir erlassen. Im Übrigen bieten wir noch: Premium international an. Dort kannst Du Dein Paket problemlos tracken. :)
Ab einem Bestellwert von 150 € wird der Versand nach Österreich erlassen. (Nur Standard Versand)